Six Step Process

There's a six step process to begin your future career:

  1. Ask around:
    If you are still in high school, meet with a career counselor at your high school or at one of the technical colleges to discuss your interests, qualifications, and program requirements.

    If you are beyond high school age (whether you've completed high school or not), contact your local technical college for help with career planning, refreshing your skills, and/or enrollment information.
  2. Explore careers, choose your career interest and program major. The Career Interest Questionnaire may help you find the program that's right for you.
  3. Apply to one of the 16 technical colleges. Visit the Application/Enrollment Timeline to get an overview of the process for enrollment at each college.
  4. Once you get your letter of acceptance, look into financial aid opportunities.
  5. Sign-up (register) for classes at the college you've chosen. (Consult your college's course schedule.)
  6. Enjoy your education, get your degree, and follow your passion to a rewarding career.

Wisconsin's Technical Colleges 2013-2014 Guidebook

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