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Restaurant/Cook - Chef (ACF)

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Please Note:  You must have a signed apprenticeship contract before enrolling in apprentice-related instruction. For assistance with the apprenticeship process contact the appropriate Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards Training Representative or the technical college offering related instruction.

Offered At These Colleges:
Milwaukee Area

Restaurant cooks and chefs prepare food in hotels and restaurants. They prepare many different foods, such as meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts using a variety of cooking methods. They work with the restaurant managers or owners to create special menus or recipes that only their restaurant serves. Chefs must know the kinds of foods people like, and change their cooking styles to remain popular. They interview, hire, and supervise cooks and kitchen workers. They also plan menus and recipes, order foods, establish menu prices, and monitor food preparation expenses to ensure the restaurant remains profitable.

Work Requirements:

Training Details:
3 to 4-year training program
5,600 hours on-the-job training
400 hours paid related instruction
Additional related instruction may be required
Apprentices are eligible to join the American Culinary Federation (National Chef's Association) as a registered apprentice.

Application Requirements:
Applicants must be at least 18 years of age
High school diploma or equivalent
Meet required norms on aptitude test (if required)
Physically able to perform trade
Valid driver's license or reliable transportation

Median Salary After Completion:
Not available

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