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expand NWTC to hold Artisan and Quilt show Sep 30 2011

From "NWTC to hold Artisan and Quilt Show" -- Artwork by area residents will be on display during the first annual Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Artisan and Quilt Show on Saturday, October 15, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the NWTC Hillcrest Artisan Center, 915 Second Street, Kewaunee. This event is free and open to the public; donations of non-perishable food items for the local food pantry are requested. [...]

expand Proper produce prepping Sep 30 2011

From "Proper produce prepping" -- Rhinelander - The recent listeria outbreak in cantaloupes has many people thinking twice before reaching for that favorite produce item. Here are some tips to keep you healthy. Sometimes bacteria and pesticides make it from the farm to the store. [...]

expand Let the celebration begin, MATC centennial Sep 30 2011

From "College celebrates 100 years" -- One hundred years may seem like a long time to many people, but to MATC it is only the beginning. From September 2011 to September 2012, MATC will be celebrating 100 years of changing people's lives. A year long celebration may seem like a long time to show recognition, but to Kathleen Hohl, Director of Public Relations, a year is just what we need. "We need to ensure we commemorate 100 years in a number of ways to include the many different stakeholders – current and former students, current and former faculty and staff, community partners. Spreading our celebrations over a calendar gives us that opportunity."

expand Wausau man puts high school struggles behind him at NTC Sep 30 2011

From "Wausau man puts high school struggles behind him" -- Joel Rogina of Wausau likes to carry around his last high school report card. It’s not very impressive. It’s sprinkled with Ds and Fs and shows that Rogina ended up with a lackluster 1.79 grade point average when he graduated from Kingsford (Mich.) High School in 2000. Rogina is 30 now, and he has a kind of pride in the report card because it shows just how far he’s come. As a teenager, he was an unfocused student who didn’t care much about grades, a kind of kid who teetered along the lines of delinquency. [...]

expand Green Bay-area colleges see higher enrollment, increase in adult students Sep 29 2011

From "Green Bay-area colleges see higher enrollment, increase in adult students" -- Students continue to enroll at local colleges in record numbers, although school administrators say growth has slowed since the height of the recession. [...]

expand Women in trades event at NWTC Sep 29 2011

From "Women in Trades event at NWTC" -- Video shows middle school students checking out non traditional careers for women at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay.

expand Manufacturers Keep ‘Help Wanted’ sign out Sep 29 2011

From "Manufacturers keep 'Help Wanted' sign out" -- The orders keep coming in at Ace manufacturing, but owner Brian Lakari says, "I can't find people fast enough. Right now we need to hire 16 more people... today." Manufacturing companies in Northeast Wisconsin are having a hard time filling positions requiring skilled labor. It stems from a lack of interest in the field. Lakari and his employees are struggling to keep up.

expand UW colleges, MATC sign new articulation agreements with Edgewood College Sep 29 2011

From "UW colleges, MATC sign new articulation agreements with Edgewood College" -- Officials with Edgewood College, the University of Wisconsin Colleges, and Madison College (MATC) have established Articulation Agreements, making the path from a two-year degree to the completion of a four-year degree a lot smoother. The formal agreements allow for students who complete a two-year program at any UW-College campus, UW-Colleges Online Program, or an Associates Degree from Madison College, to transfer to Edgewood College to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. [...]

expand Tech college head asks election panel to rethink voter ID ruling Sep 29 2011

From "Campus Connection: Tech college head asks elections panel to rethink voter ID ruling" -- The president of the Wisconsin Technical College System sent a letter Wednesday to the Government Accountability Board formally requesting that the body which oversees elections in the state reconsider its Sept. 12 decision to not allow technical college student ID cards to be used for voting purposes. [...]

expand New ‘cradle to career’ partnership aims at helping kids succeed Sep 29 2011

From "New 'cradle to career' partnership aims at helping kids succeed" -- A broad cross-section of major business, education and philanthropic leaders in Milwaukee have joined forces to look at improving educational outcomes for all children in the city, regardless of whether they attend traditional public, charter or private schools. The group, Milwaukee Succeeds, and its top leaders were formally announced Wednesday by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, which has been spearheading the effort since early 2011. [...]

expand MATC District Board Chair on panel for Get Smarter Conference Sep 29 2011

From "Enlightened company leaders invited to Get Smarter Conference" -- Company leaders, human resource directors and their employees are invited to attend the third annual BizTimes Get Smarter Conference. The conference will take place on Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee, beginning with a breakfast at 7:30 a.m. The mission of the conference is to promote the development of a smarter workforce and enlightened corporate leadership in southeastern Wisconsin. [...]

expand Moraine Park Technical College on list of GI Jobs’ Military Friendly Schools Sep 29 2011

From "Moraine Park Technical College on list of GI Jobs' Military Friendly Schools" -- G.I. Jobs recently released its 2011 list of Military Friendly Schools, recognizing the top 15 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America’s veterans as students. Moraine Park Technical College was included on the list for the second year in a row for its excellence in serving veterans as students. The complete list can be viewed by visiting: [...]

expand Sturgeon Bay: Lessons learned by tilling the soil Sep 28 2011

From "Sturgeon Bay: Lessons learned by tilling the soil" -- It was a good growing season for The Community's Garden in Sturgeon Bay, and not just for the vegetables. Among the tomato vines and neat rows of kale were formed a flurry of friendships, learning opportunities and philanthropy — just as it was intended. In all, 68 gardeners tended to 42 plots at The Community's Garden, including individuals and many nonprofit organizations. After a cold and rainy start, the plots flourished as gardeners from different skill levels tended their produce. [...]

expand Walker may call special jobs session Sep 28 2011

From "Walker may call special jobs session" -- A greater focus on training workers for skilled manufacturing positions and a less-adversarial approach to enforcing environmental regulations would help Wisconsin companies create more jobs, according to business executives who attended a meeting Tuesday with Gov. Scott Walker. Walker presided at what was called a job creation forum, held at the offices of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. It followed a similar meeting last week in La Crosse, with additional events planned for Green Bay and elsewhere. [...]

expand Business Leaders: There are jobs; no skilled workers Sep 28 2011

From "Business Leaders: There are jobs; no skilled workers" -- MILWAUKEE -- While protesters call on the governor to create jobs, Milwaukee business leaders tell a very different story, saying they can't find enough workers. The message is not getting through to the people who need work. That's what employers told Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday morning at his second job creation forum. [...]

expand Three tech schools get piece of $12.69 million jobs training grant Sep 28 2011

From "Three tech schools get piece of $12.69 million jobs training grant" -- Three Wisconsin technical colleges that are part of a multi-state partnership to support laid-off workers will share in a $12.69 million federal grant announced this week. The grant awarded to lead college Northeast Iowa Community College for Bridges2Healthcare involves a consortium of seven colleges in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, including Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley Technical College, Southwest Technical College and Western Technical College. [...]

expand LTC enrollment down slightly Sep 27 2011

From "University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc sets enrollment record" -- MANITOWOC — Enrollment hit a record high at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc this fall, according to a news release from Teresa Satori, senior university relations specialist at the campus. A total of 664 students were enrolled on Sept. 19, which is the official tally day for schools in the University of Wisconsin system. [...]

expand Jobs available for those with right skills Sep 26 2011

From "Jobs available for those with right skills" -- Joel Booker and Allison Verhagen knew when they graduated from college in May the economy was weak and with many people seeking work, competition would be fierce for jobs. However, this would not be the case for Booker and Verhagen. Both found work, in their respective fields – Booker in information technology and Verhagen in health care – shortly after graduating. [...]

expand WI Sustainable Ag: New Partnerships, New Excitement Sep 26 2011

From "WI Sustainable Ag: New Partnerships, New Excitement" -- SPRING VALLEY, Wis. - Wisconsin is on the cutting edge of a new trend in higher education: offering students greater opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture. A grant made possible an alliance between the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES), UW-River Falls and Chippewa Valley Technical College to give students hands-on experiences. [...]

expand More in Wisconsin earning college degrees Sep 26 2011

From "More in Wisconsin earning college degrees" - Think of the 21st century as a race for brains. Smart cities win. Others get left behind. By that measure, the city of Milwaukee is gaining ground but not fast enough, while Madison is leading the pack in Wisconsin. [...]

expand Small Business Loan Program announced at WCTC Sep 26 2011

From "Small Business Loan Program" -- Plans for a small business gap funding program for Waukesha County was announced Wednesday at WCTC. Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas announced plans for the creation of a small business gap funding program at a press conference held Wednesday at WCTC. [...]

expand Madison College’s Fusion Science Theater receives $500,000 grant Sep 26 2011

From "Madison College's Fusion Science Theater receives $500,000 NSF grant" -- What do you get when you combine science with theater? An innovative show for kids that’s both fun and educational. Madison Area Technical College's Fusion Science Theater (FST) has been awarded a $499,993 grant by the National Science Foundation to implement a national program to train educators, museum professionals and science outreach volunteers to perform FST shows. [...]

expand Nicolet College board approves remodeling Sep 26 2011

From "Nicolet College board approves UTC remodeling" -- Nicolet Area Technical College's district board moved forward on three remodeling projects for the University Transfer Center building on the Rhinelander campus earlier this week though board member Dave Hintz, as he did last month, questioned whether the projects needed voter approval through a referendum. [...]

expand Featured chef is Madison College grad Sep 26 2011

From "Meet the Chef: Rodey Batiza" -- Age: 30. Executive chef at: Umami Ramen and Dumpling Bar, 923 Williamson St. How long have you been at the restaurant? Since we opened in late February this year. [...]

expand Blackhawk Technical College might add pepper spray to weapons ban Sep 26 2011

From "Blackhawk Technical College might add pepper spray to weapons ban" -- As Blackhawk Technical College works to produce a policy that complies with Wisconsin’s new concealed-carry law, it has added a twist that the law doesn’t address: pepper spray. The BTC Board took a look at a policy proposal Wednesday that would ban from BTC buildings all explosives, swords, bows and arrows, tasers, batons and O.C. (pepper) spray. [...]

expand WCTC grad honored for volunteering Sep 23 2011

From "Community volunteer wins Distinguished Service Award" -- Cathy Hazzard has been to over 30 of the world's most alluring islands and countries, scouting destinations as a travel agent, but she’s never found anywhere she would rather live than Menomonee Falls. “I have the curious mind to see what’s out there in the world,” Hazzard said. “But I love coming home to this community.” [...]

expand Northcentral Tech College helped displaced worker gain employment Sep 23 2011

From "Census shows Marathon County residents make less than 10 years ago" -- Marathon County households are trying to make due with about $10,000 less a year than they had a decade ago, according to census data released Thursday. Layoffs, pay freezes, furloughs and the evolving nature of central Wisconsin's economy have taken their toll on the county, where unemployment remains above 7 percent and decline in median household income is greater than the state average, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Thursday. [...]

expand MATC students, instructor comment on Facebook changes Sep 23 2011

From "Local users have a hard time adjusting to the new Facebook" -- MILWAUKEE - The Facebook facelift continues as CEO Mark Zuckerburg revealed Thursday the new 'Timeline' feature --which is like an online autobiography. So what are people saying about all the changes? Milwaukee Area Technical College business student Crystal Lee admits, "When I first logged on and looked at the changes I was like, 'Oh no, not another change.' [...]

expand Wisconsin Technical College System seeks public input Sep 23 2011

From "Wisconsin Technical College System seeks public input" -- The Wisconsin Technical College System Board is inviting the public to share perspectives on the system’s priorities for the next four years with a brief web-based survey. The board will consider results of the survey as it identifies priorities for the next four years. [...]

expand Midwest Renewable Energy Association helps advance green energy Sep 22 2011

From "Midwest Renewable Energy Association helps advance green energy" -- CUSTER -- At its very core the Midwest Renewable Energy Association is about building connections between local businesses and residents. The Custer-based nonprofit organization is focused on advancing renewable and sustainable energy, an industry that is inherently local. By installing home or business renewable systems, customers are removing themselves from the national and international energy marketplace. As the renewable energy market grows, the MREA is there, pushing and guiding it forward, helping to broker local connections and partnerships. [...]

expand MATC celebrates 100 years, embarks on building boom Sep 22 2011

From "MATC celebrates 100 years, embarks on building boom" -- Over the past 100 years, it's had seven names and multiple homes and expanded from 63 to more than 16,000 students. On Wednesday, Madison Area Technical College officials marked the college's centennial while also looking ahead to the next 100 years. [...]

expand Rock County Job Fair sees high turnout Sep 22 2011

From "Rock County Job Fair sees high turnout" -- JANESVILLE, Wis. -- As unemployment remains high in Rock County, more than 1,000 people flocked to the Rock County Job Center on Wednesday for a job fair. Richell McWilliams said finding full-time work has been a challenge, especially with so many people out of work all in the same area. [...]

expand Editorial: 100 Years and Growing Sep 22 2011

From "Editorial: 100 Years and Growing" -- Wednesday was a pretty good day for our very own Madison College. It kicked off a centennial celebration by breaking ground for the new buildings on the Truax campus and the renovation of the regional campuses. Centennial celebrations are always important and this one is a nice reminder of how important MATC has been in the 100 years that saw Madison really become a modern, model city. That's a lot of graduates who have helped build our community. But the groundbreaking is the tangible proof of the wisdom of Madison and area citizens who voted to support [...]

expand Experts say Hispanic students need more cultural lessons, college options to succeed Sep 21 2011

From "Experts say Hispanic students need more cultural lessons, college options to succeed" -- WIND POINT - Something must be done about the low educational outcomes of Hispanics, experts said Tuesday at a local conference on the subject. Only 12.7 percent of the about 51 million Hispanics in the U.S. are college graduates, the experts said. They didn't provide a specific blueprint for raising that percentage but they did offer several ideas to start making changes for today's Hispanic students in Racine County and elsewhere. [...]

expand Reedsburg among MATC campuses enjoying upgrades Sep 21 2011

From "Reedsburg among MATC campuses enjoying upgrades" -- MADISON - Construction projects at Madison Area Technical College's main campus are getting most of the attention, but satellite campuses will enjoy upgrades, too. Plans for some $7.3 million in renovations and upgrades at MATC's regional campuses in Fort Atkinson, Watertown, Reedsburg and Portage are in various stages. [...]

expand There May Be Jobs, But Do Workers Have the Skills? Sep 21 2011

From "There may be jobs, but do workers have the skills?" -- "Hi, this is Gov. Scott Walker. Creating jobs isn't a partisan issue..." That's the governor in his radio address last week. He said Republicans and Democrats agreed on steps earlier this year to make Wisconsin more business friendly. [...]

expand Campus Connection: Madison College breaking ground on major expansion Sep 21 2011

From "Campus Connection: Madison College breaking ground on major expansion" -- When voters backed a referendum in the fall of 1974 giving Madison Area Technical College the go-ahead to borrow $30 million to expand the school, it took a dozen years for the new Truax campus to open. This time around, the process is moving along at a much quicker pace. [...]

expand New MPTC program helps leaders look to the future Sep 20 2011

From "New MPTC program helps leaders look to the future" -- As a business, it’s easy to get caught in the daily grind. Thinking about the future — much less preparing for it — can be a daunting task in today’s working world. A new nine-month program offered through Moraine Park Technical College aims to address that issue, empowering current and future business leaders and giving companies the tools and skills they need to adapt to ever-changing times.

expand WorkSmart service center located at Madison College-South Sep 20 2011

From "WorkSmart service centers open on South Side" -- Job seekers now have two South Side locations to get help finding work. The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin has opened WorkSmart Access Point service centers at 2238 S. Park St., at Madison Area Technical College-South in the Village on Park Mall, and at the Urban League of Greater Madison, across the parking lot at 2222 S. Park St. [...]

expand Grant backs water technology education in Milwaukee Sep 20 2011

From "Grant backs water technology education in Milwaukee" -- The Milwaukee Water Council, in partnership with the Milwaukee Area Technical College and a consortium of regional colleges and universities, has been awarded a nearly $500,000 grant to support water technology education and career training. [...]

expand WCTC course demonstrates cost savings Sep 20 2011

From "WCTC course demonstrates cost savings" -- Waukesha County Technical College redesigned its Six Sigma Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative last year, and has helped area manufacturers find more than $2.1 million in cost savings as a result. The WCTC’s corporate and community training department has offered the six sigma course, which trains manufacturing employees in finding and reducing defects within the production process, for 10 years, said Joseph Weitzer, dean of corporate and communication training. Six sigma certifications are achieved through belt designations, like in martial arts. [...]

expand WITC rain gardens protect habitat Sep 19 2011

From "Ashland Rain Garden Project Builds Habitat, Slows Runoff" -- According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, more than 240 tons of silt, sand, and clay erode each year from stream banks in the City of Ashland. Litter, sediment, and other pollutants are carried in runoff from roofs, streets, and parking lots during rain storms. Without filtering this runoff, many of these pollutants would reach Bay City Creek and eventually Lake Superior. A key to reducing pollution in Bay City Creek and Lake Superior is to slow the flow of runoff and filter out pollutants before they enter storm sewers and waterways, the Fish and Wildlife Service says. [...]

expand NWTC Solar Energy students help library go solar Sep 19 2011

From "NWTC Solar Energy students help library go solar" -- DE PERE, WI - Installation has begun of a large roof-mounted solar electric project and establishment of The Center for Sustainability Learning at the Kress Family Branch of the Brown Co. Library, 333 N. Broadway De Pere, WI. The outside work on the library will be completed this week and the inside educational kiosk by mid-October. This community-based initiative will take the lead in educating others about sustainable practices to improve their lives, health and communities. [...]

expand Greenville man up for $19K scholarship Sep 19 2011

From "Greenville man up for $19K scholarship" -- GRAND CHUTE — Kurt Theyel doesn’t let life get him down. The 35-year-old Greenville resident and Fox Valley Technical College student was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis eight years ago, was struck by a drunk driver in a crash on U.S. 41 in 2008 and found out recently that he has a rare tumor sitting on his optic nerve. Theyel, who is one of 40 national finalists for two $19,000 scholarship, just shrugs it off.

expand CVTC hosts economist’s presentation Sep 19 2011

From "Economist: Federal spending needed to save economy" -- U.S. officials must act quickly to restore the economy, a noted economist said Thursday in Eau Claire. The main cause of the current economic crisis was the collapse of the $8 trillion housing bubble, said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C. The financial crisis was secondary. [...]

expand DWD, NWTC launch program to train substation electricians Sep 19 2011

From the Department of Workforce Development: "DWD Apprenticeship, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Launch Innovative Program to Train Substation Electricians" -- GREEN BAY – The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (BAS) and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) today formally kicked off a new statewide program to train apprentices in the substation electrician trade, filling a need for training that is in high demand by employers across Wisconsin. [...]

expand Madison College: To celebrate historic groundbreaking and centennial Sep 16 2011

From "Madison College: To celebrate historic groundbreaking and centennial" -- What’s the best way to celebrate your 100th birthday? Madison Area Technical College’s centennial celebration will include a free outdoor concert and 100 dozen cupcakes. On Wednesday, September 21, Madison College will kick-off its centennial celebration with a cupcake walk for students, faculty and staff that highlights the College’s storied history. The cupcakes are being created by the College’s Baking and Pastry Arts students. [...]

expand Western Technical College named military friendly Sep 16 2011

From "Area colleges, universities named military friendly" -- Area schools are awarded the title of Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs, the premier magazine for military personnel transitioning into civilian life. The 2012 Military Friendly Schools list honors the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America's military service members and veterans as students. The new list includes UW-La Crosse, Viterbo University, and Western Technical College in Wisconsin. In Minnesota, Winona State University also received the award. [...]

expand MATC students to collect lake water for E. coli testing Sep 16 2011

From "MATC students to collect lake water for E. coli testing" -- Students from Milwaukee Area Technical College will sample lake water at South Shore Beach on Saturday for E. coli bacteria and clean up litter. Students in MATC's Environmental Health and Water Quality Technology associate degree program have adopted South Shore Beach at 2900 S. Shore Dr., in Bay View as part of the nationwide Adopt-a-Beach program. [...]

expand Training needs to match job opportunities Jadin says Sep 16 2011

From "Training needs to match job opportunities, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., head Paul Jadin says" -- ASHWAUBENON — It's not dirty, dumb or dangerous. That's what Paul Jadin, head of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., said about jobs in the manufacturing sector — an area of industry in need of workers. "There are opportunities there," he said. "You go into a plant, and number one it's clean, and most likely you'll be working on a computer of some fashion. [...]

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