You want the best for your son or daughter, especially when it comes to making important decisions about his/her future. When your child chooses to attend a Wisconsin Technical College, you can be assured he/she will have many outstanding opportunities, both educationally and socially.

In the classroom... the learning environment at the technical colleges is unmatched. Between expert instructors and small classrooms, your child will have built-in support from faculty, staff and fellow classmates. The programs incorporate the latest technology to ensure students are ready for work and exceed employers’ expectations. This real-world experience also helps ensure students are confident they’re going to fulfill their passions.

Beyond the classroom... there are an ever-increasing number of transfer opportunities between the technical colleges and four-year colleges. If your son or daughter wants to enter the workforce immediately, they’re well prepared. Technical college graduates routinely impress employers. There are a number of clubs, organizations and social activities at the colleges to help your child network, meet people with similar interests and start putting their education to work.

If you're looking to save money and your child is ready to handle college coursework while in high school, there are a couple of options for you to consider. First, high school students may take college-level courses while still in high school through the Dual Credit Program. Some high school students even begin working on a college degree program while still in high school through the Youth Options Program. Both of these options require advanced planning, so don't wait, contact your local technical college today.

Schedule a tour of the technical college near you. You’ll be surprised at what you see!

In addition to providing a positive environment for growth, the colleges offer a number of special accommodations to help ensure each student’s success.

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